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Next Talk, Thursday October 22nd

If You Knew Newts Like I Know Newts
Guest speaker: Karen Goetz
7:30pm, Thursday, October 22nd

Karen Goetz introduces the natural history of the California Newt (Taricha torosa) from their egg laying in local streams to larval hatches and metamorphosis.

Karen studied the California Newts as part of her thesis work for an M.S. in Conservation Biology in 2005. She studied egg deposit site selection preferences at the microhabitat level in creeks in the Berkeley Hills.

Join us to learn what she knows!

California Newt

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Philip has starting booking speakers for 2010, and we are excited about our first speaker for next year.

Camilla H. Fox is the Founding Director of Project Coyote, a national non-profit organization that promotes educated coexistence between people and coyotes and advocates on behalf of all native carnivores. Her presentation will cover coyote ecology and biology in urban and rural ecosystems, coyote-human coexistence, coyote conflict management and the value of community-based conservation approaches.

Ms. Fox will also show Project Coyote’s (in partnership with Living World Films) new documentary American Coyote ~ Still Wild at Heart. The thirty minute film produced by San Francisco based filmmaker, Melissa Peabody, is a virtual case study of the coyote’s natural range expansion continent wide. While the film unfolds with the return of coyotes to the San Francisco Bay area, it pursues the coyote’s story across the North American landscape – from Northern California to New York City’s Central Park to Chicago, and points in between.

Ms. Fox a wildlife consultant and holds a Masters degree in Wildlife Ecology, Policy, and Conservation from Prescott College. With over 15 years of experience working on behalf of wildlife and wildlands, Camilla is a nationally recognized leader in her field with expertise in native carnivore conservation and human-wildlife conflict mitigation. A frequent speaker on these issues, Camilla has authored more than 60 publications and is co-author of Coyotes in Our Midst: Coexisting with an Adaptable and Resilient Carnivore and co-editor and lead author of the book, Cull of the Wild: A Contemporary Analysis of Trapping in the United States.

More information about Project Coyote.

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