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Twain’s Frog & the Beautiful Serpent
Guest Speakers: Brent Plater, Executive Director of the Wild Equity Institute
7:30pm, THURSDAY, JULY 15th, 2010

Come here the hopeful story about building a new unit of the GGNRA at Sharp Park, which is currently a SF-owned, money losing, endangered species-killing golf course in Pacifica.

You’ll learn how this exciting vision will save endangered species and build a better public park everyone can enjoy.

Restore Sharp Park.

Brent Plater is a Fulbright Scholar, environmental law professor, and executive director of the Wild Equity Institute.

The Wild Equity Institute (WEI) is a team of experts in law, management, design, and education. WEI is working to accelerate the transition to a more equitable world through innovative education programs, nature-inspired design, science-based petitions, and vigorous enforcement of environmental laws.

Learn more about the Wild Equity Institute.

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