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Philip has been working up the schedule for 2013 and this is what we have so far. Hope to see you up at the Randall in the not too distant future.

Lectures are always at 7:30pm — FREE — at the Randall Museum Theater, 199 Museum Way, San Francisco, CA

March 21 – San Francisco Under your Feet – Geologist Jean DeMouthe, will take us through our local geologic history. We start with the big picture beginning in the Mesozoic Era (Dinosaurs) and end with what lies under our city today. Local rock types and fossils will be illustrated and discussed.

April 18 – Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Great Blue Heron Colony in GG Park – Nancy DeStefanis, Director of SF Nature Education, will speak on the 20th Anniversary of the first nesting pair of the Great Blue Herons at Stow Lake in GG Park. DeStefanis discovered the first nest in 1993, and has monitored and studied the behaviors of the herons since then.

May 16 – Rethinking Invasive Species in San Francisco Bay: could a new non-native mud shrimp be good for the sub-tidal ecosystem? Michael McGowan, fisheries oceanographer and aquatic ecologist, will discuss how an invasive species may actually be beneficial.

June 20 – Stories in the Sand – Author Lorri Ungaretti, will guide us through the quick development of the Sunset District from “inaccessible” sand dunes to a city suburb. Her talk is based on her books, Stories in the Sand: San Francisco’s Sunset District, 1847-1964 and Then & Now: San Francisco’s Sunset District.

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