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Upcoming Speakers (2009)

Check the next 7 months of speakers. Thanks go to Philip Gerrie and Margaret Goodale for their work contacting speakers.

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Grey Brechin (4/23/09)

Grey Brechin gave us a tour of an impressive list of the things that were built under FDR’s new deal here in San Francisco. Before it became relevant, Mr. Brechin had been beginning to catalog the legacy of the new deal with the Living New Deal project.

It was not always great for the environment (dams and kudzu), but they left behind many things that were build to last. Here in San Francisco, we have things like parks, schools, utility buildings, and art. They were built by a whole alphabet soup of agencies including the Civilian Conservation Corps and the WPA. They were built for permanence, with beauty in mind and with respect.

You can find out more an contribute to the project at here.

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