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2011 Schedule So Far

Philip has been working hard and has filled in the first 6 months of our 2011 schedule. Happy Holidays!


1/20 The Wild World of Frogs – Dr. Kerry Kriger, Founder of SAVE THE FROGS, introduces us to frogs, why they are disappearing worldwide and what can be done to save them.

2/17 The Islands of San Francisco Bay – James Martin discusses his book, the Islands of San Francisco Bay, documenting the wildness of their habitats, and the unique ecology of the Bay.

3/17 Trails of San Francisco – Ben Pease, freelance cartographer, will share some of his favorite walks on SF trails, parks, and neighborhoods from his new book Walker’s Map of San Francisco.

4/21 The Mystery of Laguna Dolores – Christopher Richard, Curator of Aquatic Biology at Oakland Museum reexamines the “now vanished” lake at the heart of the founding myth of SF.

5/19 Who Killed Off the Oysters of SF Bay? – Marine Biologist, Andrew Cohen, will talk about our once-abundant native oysters, with excursions into history, biology, geology, and archaeology.

6/16 Getting to the Bottom of the Bay  

Marilyn Latta, restoration ecologist, will show us the Bay’s thriving habitats of sand waves, eelgrass, shellfish beds, rocky outcrops, shoals, and channel banks.

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