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Filmmaker Lance Milbrand — who spoke with us on November 21st, 2013, has some pretty amazing footage: newts paddling through a stream, hanging from twigs, laying eggs, newt eggs hatching. Some of this is in some part due to the amazing technology we have on hand to film, but to a larger degree it comes from Lance’s patience and persistence — laying still in a cold stream in a dry suit, camera at the ready, working to get the shot he wanted.

He showed three films that night — one about a recent trip to yellowstone, with bears, rutting elks (the more dangerous beast), a hunting coyote, and a beautiful landscape; two films about newts — a children’s music video (see end of post) and a portion of a longer piece about the newt lifecycle.

The patience and persistence doesn’t necessarily end at the camera — there’s is also editing, and of course distribution. We hope that Lance finds a way to finish this great little educational film about these strange little creatures, our neighbors here in the San Francisco Bay area.

You can find more about Lance and his films on his website: milbrandcinema.com

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